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Responsible Gambling

Everyone at FantasyTote wants you to have the most enjoyable Fantasy Football experience as possible and we do everything we can to bring you the best fantasy betting product we can. Sport and fantasy sports alike should be experienced and enjoyed. We all go through the highs and the lows supporting our teams and that’s why we love our sports. We want to ensure that all of our users have a great experience with our Fantasy product. Fantasy betting like all other forms of betting should be used as a way to enhance our experience of watching the sports we love.

Unfortunately it must be acknowledged that all forms of fantasy betting have the potential to become addictive and can result in damage to people’s personal lives. We certainly do not wish this to happen to any of our users. We encourage all our users to consistently be aware of the frequency and levels they are engaging in fantasy betting at and to always be aware of any impact it may be having on your personal lives. We encourage all our users to ask themselves the questions below and if you feel any of these affect you please do consider talking to someone or contacting one of the many organisations listed below who can help.

• Has anyone ever questioned your fantasy betting habits
• Has your fantasy betting every resulted in arguments
• Has your fantasy betting caused you to lose friends
• Has your fantasy betting impacted on your marriage or relationships
• Is the majority of your deposable income used for fantasy betting
• Have you ever got a loan to engage in fantasy betting
• Have you ever sold personal items to engage in fantasy betting
• Have you ever stolen to engage in fantasy betting
• Do you chase losing fantasy bets to recoup loses
• Has your fantasy football betting affected your job

If you believe you may have a problem with fantasy football betting or just wish to take a break we have set up self-exclusion periods and limits that all our users can utilise. These restrictions can be set to limit daily fantasy betting levels or to suspend your account for a period of time to allow you to take a break. Please visit the Responsible Gambling page within the “edit account” section to set these limits for yourself.

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